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BOSS Hydraulic Bucket Grapples, BHBG Series. An extremely versatile Hydraulic Grab Bucket with functionalities that will exceed operator expectations.

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BOSS Hydraulic Bucket Grapples, BHBG Series. An extremely versatile Hydraulic Grab Bucket with functionalities that will exceed operator expectations.

Excavator Bucket Grabs

Models to suit excavators from 1 to 30Tonne +

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HARDOX® Construction

Built with HARDOX® steel, the BHBG Series Bucket Grapple ensures long-lasting durability and resistance to wear and tear, even in the most extreme conditions. HARDOX® is renowned for its toughness and high strength, providing a robust and sturdy construction that withstands high stress and harsh working conditions, ensuring a prolonged service life and consistent performance.

excavator bucket grab

Widest Jaw Openings

The BHBG Series features the widest jaw openings available while maintaining precise control and the smallest jaw closings. This design allows for greater versatility and efficiency in handling a wide range of materials and tasks. Whether you are demolishing structures, moving large objects, or placing rocks with precision, the wide jaw openings ensure that the job is done quickly and accurately, enhancing overall productivity.

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excavator bucket grab

2-Year Warranty

The BOSS BHBG Series Bucket Grapple stands out as the only bucket grapple on the market to offer a comprehensive 2-year warranty. This extended coverage ensures peace of mind and underscores the reliability and confidence BOSS has in its product, guaranteeing that it will perform exceptionally in all demanding environments without frequent maintenance issues.

Engineered For Excellence

DEMOLITION: Pull or push down concrete structure. Pick and place large objects. Crush demolition waste down. Dig up footings and pick and place in the one movement.

FORESTRY: Ideally suited to forestry applications. Use the bucket to dig out push over the trees . Then carry it away.

ROCK WALL CONSTRUCTION: Use the bucket to prepare the bed before laying Rocks. Then pickup all shapes of rock and precisely place.

Enhanced Versatility

The BOSS BHBG Series Bucket Grapple is the epitome of versatility, catering to a wide array of applications. It excels in demolition by efficiently handling concrete structures and reducing waste. In forestry, it facilitates tree removal and transportation with ease. The grapple's precision in rock wall construction ensures accurate placement of rocks. Additionally, it can pick and place materials from any position, enhancing its utility. Its ability to perform multiple tasks without changing attachments makes the BHBG grab an essential tool for various industries, driving productivity and efficiency.

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